Respawn 109 Racing Style Gaming Chair

$600.00 $450.00

The RESPAWN W109 provides excellent support throughout your hectic workdays and all-night gaming marathons with its sturdy cushioning, high-quality accent stitching, and cutting-edge design.

Affordable and comfy, the Respawn W109 is a fantastic choice for PC gamers. Padded armrests are a rare feature, making this chair one of the more comfortable options. Long periods of sitting are made more bearable with the help of convenient features like the integrated headrest and the reclining backseat (which can be reclined up to 155 degrees).



Respawn 109 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Delivering sturdy, substantial cushioning, superior accent stitching, and edgy style, the RESPAWN W109 provides you top support from hard workdays to severe all-nighter gaming sessions.

If you play video games on a personal computer and want a good seat that won’t break the bank, consider the Respawn W109. The cushioned armrests give extra coziness, and it’s one of the few models out there with them. The reclining backseat (adjustable up to 155°) and the integrated headrest are fantastic features to make extended sitting sessions more comfortable.


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